Anavar 10mg


Product Name: Anavar 10mg
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Substance: Oxandrolone
Package: 10mg (100 pills)

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Anavar 10 from Dragon Pharma in Spain

Anavar is a fantastic oral steroid from Dragon Pharma for sculpting a beautiful figure and burning fat. Subcutaneous deposits can be effectively removed with this medicine. During training, strength, speed and endurance increase. Oxandrolone is a highly anabolic and low androgenic steroid often used by professional athletes with heavy training programs and strict diets.

The Effect of Oxandrolone

The anabolic activity of the medicine is four times that of ordinary testosterone. In addition, the androgenic effect is reduced by 75%. It is ideal for weight loss, but not for muscle development. This is how Oxandrolone works:

  • Increases the density and firmness of the muscles.
  • Improves the relief and definition of the muscles.
  • It stimulates the production of growth hormone.
  • Increases strength and speed.
  • Provides a fat burning process and reduces excess weight.

How to use Anavar pills

When taking the steroid, one must strictly follow the instructions:

  • The daily dose should not be more than 80 mg. Start with 20 milligrams each day. Athletes and swimmers use 10mg. The dose is determined by physiological and sports factors.
  • The cycle will not last more than eight weeks.
  • The daily dose is divided into several doses.
  • To get the most out of the medicine, you have to follow a diet and exercise routine.
  • You should do a post cycle therapy two days after finishing the cycle. Tamoxifen is an excellent option for this. For 1 to 2 weeks, take 10 mg daily.

You can supplement Oxandrolone with Sustanon or Primobolan to enhance the effects. They will also help mitigate the damaging impact.Additional medicines can be used with Oxandrolone in a dose of up to 40 mg per day.


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