Product Name: Proscalpin 1mg
Manufacturer: Fortune Health Care
Substance: Finasteride
Package: 1mg (50 pills)

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Proscalpin from Fortune Health Care in Spain

Proscalpin is a product manufactured by Fortune Health Care with the active ingredient finasteride. Finasteride is specially formulated for the treatment of hair in men, including the treatment of male pattern baldness. It is the only specialized treatment for androgenetic alopecia that is effective in stopping hair loss.

The Effects of Finasteride

The fact is that an excess of dihydrotestosterone, one of the male hormones necessary at the stage of development and maturation of the male body, leads to alopecia with age. The accumulation of DHT in the hair follicles leads to their dystrophy and gradual narrowing, which causes the termination of hair growth and subsequent death. Five-alpha-reductase is needed for the formation of dihydrotestosterone, and the active ingredient finasteride, being an inhibitor (blocker) of this enzyme, prevents the formation of DHT in the hair follicles and successfully combats the cause of the baldness. The decrease in DHT levels is better reflected in the structure and condition of the hair, which acquires a healthy appearance, the ability to grow and replace lost hair is restored.

How to use Proscalpin pills

The production of the hormone DHT begins to be blocked immediately after starting treatment. However, damaged hair follicles need time to regain normal function. Even healthy hair grows very slowly, about 1 cm per month, so finasteride treatment for several months is required to replenish weakened hair and achieve visible improvement.Therefore, one finasteride tablet (1 mg) should be taken daily in a cycle of three months or more. Untimely discontinuation of therapy can often be accompanied by relapses, it is better to immediately tune in to long-term and successful treatment of baldness. In case you forget to take the medication, simply skip that day and continue with the original dose. An unauthorized increase in the dose of the drug is unacceptable, as it increases the risk of side effects. Little by little, you will start to notice the improvements, and after about six months you will see healthy hair regrowth, allowing you to look youthful and fresh again.

Do not use the medicine after its expiration date. The average temperature of the room in which the product is located should not exceed 25-30 degrees. Take care that young children or pets receive the tablets. If at least one capsule is swallowed, wash the baby's stomach immediately. Follow the rules prescribed in the instructions.


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